At the core of our approach is our aim to develop Project Sea Dragon into a leading prawn aquaculture project. We recognise that this success depends on delivering a safe, secure and sustainable product to market that can continue into the long term, providing ongoing benefits to the local and broader economy.

In our design process, we have adopted a robust risk based approach including management and contingency measures to ensure environmental risks are managed and responded to effectively. We continue to engage with stakeholders to incorporate their needs and knowledge in developing the project, and have successfully negotiated an Indigenous Land Use Agreement.

The project incorporates a wide range of controls to avoid, or where not possible, to minimise any environmental impacts, with programs such as weed management, restoration works, as well as local and indigenous employment and sourcing initiatives to ensure we contribute tangible benefits across the region.

Project Sea Dragon has adopted a workplace culture built on continuous improvement, teamwork and a commitment to sustainability, quality and profitability with an aim to maximise local recruitment and training and local businesses participation.

An extensive approvals process has been undertaken for the project, with the following approvals and agreements having been gained:

Legune Station Stage 1 Grow Out Facility

  • Commonwealth EPBC Act Approval
  • Northern Territory EPA Assessment Report
  • Waste Discharge Licence
  • Surface Water Extraction Licence
  • Consent to clear pastoral land

Bynoe Harbour CBC & BMC

  • Northern Territory EPA Assessment Report
  • Waste Discharge Licence
  • Development Permit to clear native vegetation
  • Aquaculture Licence

Gunn Point Stage 1 Hatchery

  • Development Permit for subdivision and intensive animal husbandry