For hundreds of years, farmers have been undertaking in genetic improvement through the selection of the best animals to breed for the characteristics they desire in their herds. Seafarm, Australia’s oldest and largest prawn farm, has demonstrated that it is possible to do the same with prawns.

Dr Wayne Knibb, from the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), spoke of the research into genetics and pedigree that he and his team have been undertaking with Seafarm’s domesticated Feneropenaeus merguiensis (Banana Prawns) at Australian Prawn Farmers Association and Australian Barramundi Farmers Association conference in early August 2012. They believe they can achieve the same genetic improvement in the aquaculture of prawns that herd breeders have been achieving for hundreds of years. Click here to read the full article from Austasia Aquaculture Magazine and Buyer’s Guide.


Image via Austasia Aquaculture