Having been successful in its takeover of Western Australia Resources Limited (WARL), CO2 Group will be responsible for putting fish and prawns on the menu in homes and restaurants across Asia in the years to come.

WARL is an Australian owned public unlisted company which aims to establish large scale integrated marine protein production operations in Australia through the farming of prawns and finfish predominantly for Asian export markets.

“The aquaculture project being developed by WARL fits within CO2 Group’s environmental philosophy as the whole production process is proposed to be developed on shore in a closed water system resulting in no adverse environmental impact on the ocean or other water sources, providing a sustainable and renewable protein source and high conversion of inputs to out puts,” Andrew Grant, Chief Executive Officer of CO2 Group said.

CO2 Group has extensive expertise in relation to the establishment of green fields agricultural projects.  Through its active involvement in the development of the carbon industry in Australia over the past eight years, CO2 Group is adept at navigating the various regulatory, operational and policy considerations necessary to establish large scale agricultural projects in Australia.