Seafarms is one of the largest aquaculture operators in Australia selling products under the Crystal Bay Prawns® brand

The company’s ongoing strategic intent is to develop further aquaculture operations to produce the highest quality seafood. Demonstrated with the continued steady progression of Project Sea Dragon – our large-scale, greenfield investment. 

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Seafarms Operations


Project Sea Dragon


Our Vision

Seafarms is a transformational Australian aquaculture enterprise leading the sustainable development of large-scale aquatic protein production systems.

Our objectives are to industrialise aquaculture operating models, leverage our biogeographic production systems and market strategic advantages combined with the application of sustainable capital to achieve, scaled-up, efficient production systems which deliver reliable, long-term supplies of high-volume/quality seafood.

Seafarms’ mission is to develop the world class Project Sea Dragon – a stand-alone marine prawn (shrimp) production system of approximately 10,000 hectares in northern Australia producing +100,000 tonnes of prawns per year.

Our Background

Our name preserves the well-established Seafarm name and history in Australia – established over 30 years ago to become one of the most respected and long-standing aquaculture operations – and pays homage to the work of its founder Mr Ervin Vidor AM, a pioneer of the industry.

Seafarms continues to build upon this foundation, with a focus on best-in-class prawn farming practices, to ensure successful production of our outstanding Crystal Bay Prawns, and Crystal Bay Tiger Prawns in Queensland. We are very excited about the progress of our business to date, including the development of Project Sea Dragon.


• Development and subdivision approval for hatchery site near Darwin at Gunn Point
• Implementation of ILUA commenced with formal meetings with Native Title Holders
• The Company negotiated a 3 month extension to the Legune option
  • 11 May, 2017: Stage 1 of Project Sea Dragon receives its Commonwealth Environmental Approval. Seafarms welcomes the Australian Government’s approval made under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act for Project Sea Dragon’s Stage 1 Legune Grow-Out Facility. This is the final environmental approval for Legune Station.
  • 23 March, 2017: The Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (NT EPA) has recommended approval of Project Sea Dragon Pty Ltd’s proposal to build and operate a new prawn growout facility at Legune Station, near the Western Australia border.
  • Seafarms Group presents at the North Atlantic Seafood forum in Bergen.
  • Project Sea Dragon receives Major Project Status by the NT, WA and Federal Governments.
  • Seafarms Group mandates Pareto Securities – world’s leading investment bank in Seafood – to assist the company in securing the capital required to develop the company’s world class Project Sea Dragon.
  • Commodities Group Limited changes name to the Seafarms Group Limited.
  • Seafarms Group completed the acquisition of the prawn farming business and assets of Queensland prawn aquaculture company Coral Seafarms Pty Ltd.
  • Seafarms Group announces it will be an industry participant in a research consortium recently awarded a prestigious Australian Research Council, Industrial Transformation Research Hub (ARC ITRH) funding grant. The research will for the first time link the genetics of the Black Tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) to the selection of superior breeds of Tiger prawn to transform the productivity of Australian prawn farming operations.
  • Northern Territory Government passes amendments to Pastoral Lands Act allowing subleases to be created on pastoral land for non-pastoral uses such as aquaculture.
  • WARL signs Relationship Agreement with CSIRO for the provision of aquaculture research and development.
  • WARL changes name to Seafarms Group Limited (Seafarms) to better reflect its new business direction and operations. Seafarms’ parent CO2 Group undergoes restructure and implements name change to Commodities Group Limited (CGL).
  • Acquires assets and business of Seafarm in Cardwell and Innisfail, Qld (NQ1 Acquisition) – the longest operating and one of the largest prawn farming operations in Australia, producing and marketing the “Crystal Bay Prawns” brand of high-quality farmed banana prawns available at supermarkets and leading seafood suppliers.
  • Undertakes detailed Pre-feasibility for Project Sea Dragon.
  • Completes Concept Feasibility for the development of large-scale aquaculture production systems in Northern Australia.
  • Acquires Marine Farms Pty Ltd a barramundi farming operation and facilities in Exmouth WA, to be re-developed as a prawn broodstock and breeding facility to support Project Sea Dragon.
  • Initiates Project Groper – a feasibility assessment of opportunities for M&A and consolidation in the Australian prawn production and supply industry.
  • WARL acquired by CO2 Group Limited (ASX: COZ).
  • Undertakes preliminary investigations for large-scale integrated prawn farm development in Northern Territory/Western Australia (Project Sea Dragon).
  • Appoints new Board members.
  • Embarks on a new business direction to investigate opportunities in water, agribusiness and food production.